We Are Built For B2B

Our ability to focus on a very specific set of businesses helps us excel at what we do.

Learn about the industries and scale of businesses that we serve.

Not Jack Of All Trades

Rumors is best suited for companies that have the following qualitative traits:
Innovation centric, Impact driven, Believe in marketing and have a
Growth mindset with a reality-based approach.

While B2B is the primary business model we work with. We are also specific about the industries where we feel we can add value
Category leardship

Dominate your category

Whether you're a start-up with grit or an established SaaS business. We help you climb the ladders of category dominance, no matter what your ICP is and what persona you sell to.

With marketing we you stand out in a sea of sameness
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Acquire more customers

Attract Those Who Need You

Whether you are a managed IT service provider , a custom software development firm or a technology consultancy,

we know your customers, where they are and what they want.
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Find the right clients

Build Predictable Revenue

We love working with the finance industry as we have a lot room for innovation and growth here.

The general trend with financial services is that are very outdated when it comes to marketing. So it takes no time to stand out in the market with a helping hand from Rumors and Demand generation.
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Build Trust and authority

Be Seen, Be Respected

Professional services industry is all about trust.

We deploy tactics to gain trust at scale to attract the best fit clients for you. Whether you're an accountant, broker, supplier we help you get discovered , be trusted and convert this trust into $$$.
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Market well, sell more

Low CAC marketing

We know it's all about keeping expenditure down for you.

We work with that knowledge to boost acquisition without hurting the bottom-line margins
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Different Scale
Different Approach

We are a start-up and we are passionate about start-ups

A lot of seed level start-ups put bandages on their goto market strategy. This comes back to haunt them when they scale.
We work with seed level start-ups on an advisory and tactical level to help them do things the right way from the start.
Create uni channel marketing motions and test
We provide data and insights as we collect them from the market and shape the goto market strategy on the go
Work with founders on a 1 on 1 level almost like a CMO

You are doing some revenue but nothing crazy.

At this stage you do need help in marketing but can't get a full time resource or hire an expensive agency.

So we come in and tailor a service for you.
Appoint a key tactical resource
Advisory and strategy consulting
Channel management

You have internal marketing resources but need extra help

We work with you to deliver specific expertise that you require whether they are strategic or tactical
Channel specific services
Creative services
Advisory and consultancy

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