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We are paving the way for how B2B SaaS companies Go to-Market, with the introduction of our demand generation model.

Over the years we have been watching and listening to the needs of the Australian market and based on those insights we saw a big need for innovation in the B2B marketing space. We experienced firsthand the shortcomings of the traditional marketing tactics and strategies in multiple business sectors at various scales.

This is what led to the inception of RUMORS.


Demand Gen model is a competitor to the traditional lead gen model which was introduced almost a decade ago by HubSpot.

Even though that model was excellent for its time, but a lot has changed since. The scale of the internet, the behaviour of the buyers, buying journeys and technologies, all of it has evolved.

But the way we do marketing has not.

Based on the experience, data, and insights we collected over the years, we have crafted a marketing model for B2B companies that is built to empower businesses by executing marketing and go to market in a way that modern buyer wants to buy.

A shift from outbound to 100% inbound
Shorter sales cycles
High win rates > 25%
From paid to Organic media
Mindset shift from create contacts to create business impact

Move From Activity Metrics To Business Metrics

If you have ever worked with outsourced marketing agencies you would know that they never have skin in the game and deliver metrics that rarely convert to revenue.

But that's where Rumors is different.

Instead of focusing on just top of funnel leads we own a revenue number with you.
So when you work with us, expect a drop in MQLs and an increase in qualified pipeline.


Because we deploy marketing tactics that are in line with the "TRUE BUYER JOURNEY" and acknowledge what the modern buyer wants.

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Leads drop as revenue increases when you move from lead gen to demand gen

How Do We Integrate?

We work with companies ranging from Seed level all the way to Series D enterprise and we know that both organizations have completely different requirements from their agency partners.

We are essentially an extension of your team whether you are a start-up or enterprise.

Looking for Social Proof?

Here are a few statements by people who experienced the Rumors Effect

I wish I had found you guys earlier. I can only imagine how differently I would have scaled.

Jake Forman

CEO | Fixezi - The App Of All Trades

Love the strategy!
I like how there is clear distinction between short term and long term plays.

Brad Riley

CEO | InfoStatus

We had been in business for almost 10 years and were always confused about our positioning. Thanks to Shabahat we now have a clear value prop and a clear path to growth into the future. The niche we chose has become a moat for our company.

Sam Ziaee

Director | CSPRO

As a start-up I was sceptic about outsourced services but Rumors created the perfect brand for me at a very reasonable cost.

Ch. Mohsin

Director | Rexada

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to the burning questions in your mind.

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Can you guarantee improvements in conversions?

We are selective about the business we take on because we like to take on projects where we can make an impact. So, while we don't do written / contractual guarantees, us working together is a pseudo performance guarantee.

What service do you offer?

We offer primarily the following.

1- Marketing Strategy
2- Goto market Consultancy
3- Digital advertising
4- Website design and development
5- Organic Content Strategy
6- Search Engine Optimization
7- Digital Out of home advertising
8- Marketing Ops support

Can you help us with both digital and traditional marketing?

Yes !
While we believe there is no difference between the two anymore, most of our clients demand digital first services and capabilities. We do support in areas of traditional marketing as well.

How do you measure the success of your marketing campaigns?

Our key difference is that we drive topline revenue and impact business metrics and not just marketing metrics.

We get measured on metrics like:

1- Revenue
2- Conversion Rate
3- Pipeline velocity
4- CAC to LTV
5- Custom metrics directly linked to positive outcomes.

We do this by setting up reasonable time expectations before execution so that we can drive the impact we need to.

What is your pricing structure?

To check out our pricing visit the Pricing page.

There we highlight our packages and individual service charges.

What sets your agency apart from other B2B marketing agencies?

We are the first agency to officially operate the purely the demand gen model in Australia.

What this means is we think like marketers and act like business and product people. With a laser focus on things that matter to drive outcomes way bigger than "leads".

We drive revenue, category domination and brand affinity!

Can you help me with product marketing? i.e positioning, messaging, value prop etc.

Yes we can, a majority of our clients are in the SaaS start-up realm.

Our founder specializes in startups and has launched countless products in which we helped from seed level to product market fit.

Do you use off-shore staff?

Yes we do!

Most of the tactical stuff is done by our overseas staff but all our strategic operations and insights are delivered locally from Sydney, Australia.

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